The main task of any guard – safety on stairs, bridges, decks, landings and other similar places. They are made of different materials: wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, various types of glass, stone, ceramics and many others. Railings also carry an aesthetic burden, giving a space a finished look. No matter where the space is located – in the stairwell of an apartment building, at work, on the street, in a hotel or any public place – stainless steel railings are always a beautiful decorative addition. Their noble aesthetics will be a highlight of any modern interior or exterior. Due to structural and operational quality of stainless steel, the system will serve more than a decade and will always be in style.

The surface of stainless steel products is covered by a thin oxide layer, which protects them from rust and any damages, chemical and mechanical, as it has the ability to regenerate when damaged in any way. Such qualities cannot be found in any other metal and are unique to stainless steel. Over the years, any product made of stainless steel will retain its function and appeal.

All decorative items, which in a sense railings and guards can be classified as, must be resistant to external influences. Stainless steel products require very little maintenance and will retain their strength and flawless appearance over the years. The stainless steel surface is finished in one of two ways – satin and polished. Polished railings are usually used in public places as a rule of design and practicality – where there is a large crowd of people, you need a strong and flawless material. In such cases it is not recommended to use a satin finish because the finish can eventually fade with heavy use and will require refinishing. Satin stainless steel railings are best for use in homes or areas where they will not experience heavy daily traffic.

Railings for outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, cottages, boathouses, decks and balconies are considered to be more problematic because they are exposed to several different elements. Stainless steel is perfect for these applications because it can handle these conditions easily and with little care – no need to worry about rust or corrosion.

When choosing a railing system, it is important to consider the value it will hold over time. Most homes in Canada still use wood railings for interior and exterior – yes wood is beautiful but it requires a lot of maintenance and and will eventually need to be replaced, especially outdoors. This means that over time you will spend more money just to keep your stairs, balcony or deck looking fresh. Wood guards and railings are a thing of the past – by choosing a modern stainless steel railing system you will see the many long term benefits it has to offer.

If you are still asking yourself “why should I use stainless steel in my construction or renovation project?”- the answer is easy – it flows perfectly with any other materials, it is easy to maintain, durable, reliable and will never go out of style!

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